Are Diet Pills Safe?

As much as weight loss concerns, dieting pills have been viewed as the pill of wonder by many individuals, especially for the obese. The main function of the diet pill is to reduce your cravings so people will not eat as much and the end result is weight loss, unfortunately, including muscles.

People claim they work, but the question is, are diet pills safe without adverse side effects? In the past, a few of these diet pills have actually been removed from the weight loss market for not being safe to customers. They included ephedra, which was proven to cause cardiovascular disease in some people and also females which took them as well as it was reported to have adverse effects on the blood circulation system. Not to mention it slows down the metabolism and increases heartbeat.

Consumers still flock to try out every brand-new dieting pill that arises on the marketplace. Thanks to the commercial ads. After all, its a lucrative market with high profits that rakes in over $33 billion every year! We know this lucrative market is earning a lot of money for the manufacturers and many different brands of these dieting pills still selling well on the marketplace. It contains relatively high levels of caffeine, which isnt really helpful for the blood circulation system. Various other stimulants have been found in them as well, which raises the inquiry of how risk-free they actually are.

Alternative to Diet Pills For Long Term Weight Loss

However, on the brighter side, there are at least some brands which contain even more natural active ingredients and do not include the high levels of caffeine and also other energizers that the artificial ones do. Most of these are extracted from fruits and herbs, such as green tea, green coffee bean, white bean, Hoodia Gordonii and Garcinia Cambogia. These are simply fat blockers and work as appetite suppressant from natural sources. But they are also not a long term weight loss solution. It is recommended to choose a more viable method of long term fat loss program that incorporates nutrition and effective exercises that can work for life.

When looking for weight loss pills do a little homework and ensure they do not include ephedra. It was banned as weight loss supplement since 2004 with numerous reported risks of cardiovascular complications such as stroke, heart attack as well as sudden death. There should not be any one of the dangerous ingredients on the market since theyre banned. Be careful if you are buying off the internet as many of the weight loss seekers do not know the ingredients and the side effects have on the body.
Before you begin taking any weight loss dieting pills, you may consider taking them with you to your doctor. The doctor should understand the ingredients well enough to ensure it is safe to consume. Moreover, your doctor will also ensure the pills will not interact directly with the medications you are currently taking.

If you are currently taking these pills do consume a lot of water as many of them could cause dehydration, since they have been known to work as a diuretic. Keep re-hydrating yourself as much as possible and eat more fruits and vegetables to replenish the minerals and nutrients which have been lost from your body.

Most of the dieting pills only work as appetite suppressants. Do not assume that youll lose weight simply by taking them and not doing anything else. For any weight loss regime, it must include a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to lose those unwanted body fat.

Weight loss pills are additive and no one knows the effectiveness over 12 weeks. Don’t take any weight loss diet pills for more than three months in a row. Clinical studies stated that the phenylpropanolamine that comes with most of the diet drugs is safe to our health for up to a maximum of only 3 months. If you choose to take them, it is advisable to do so while under the care of a doctor.

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